This was probably the first time in its long history that outsiders had not only entered here, but they had also caused a lot of chaos on the Sand Planet.

This fact was disturbing the planet king Fathorn, who was now questioning his bruised soldiers who couldn’t face Robojit’s fury and had managed to run away. Fathorn knew that only the hidden river protector would be able to shed some light on this case.  So he ordered the giant to appear before him.

Fathorn was short in stature and had the same features as those of the other inhabitants of the Sand Planet. He had a crown on his head and was wearing a long, black robe. With his short steps, he was pacing the floor of his court when the protector came to meet him. Fathorn was not able to believe his ears when he was told that there were only two of them who had trounced more than two dozen armed guards.

He also came to know that they were able to get their companion released from the prison. On top of that, there was no trace of them.

Here’s what Fathorn says

‘But now they can’t go scot-free after inflicting a huge damage to our men and our property. We’ve to catch them and punish them before they reach the hanging temple.’

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