Maxworth is a saint who possesses enormous spiritual powers. He helps the people of Radon through his selfless services and constant prayers.

When everything that could go wrong, was going wrong, a dozen holy men visited the Radon planet. They were tall and stout. They were barefooted. They had long, uncombed hair and flowing beards.They wore dazzling glow on their faces. They were attired in long saffron cloaks.

They held brass pots in their hands. As they were also carrying metallic tridents, people in Radon identified them as worshipers of the sea god Poseidon, or Neptune, who possessed a three-pronged spear as a scepter.

These ascetics pitched their tents on the outskirts of the Radon capital. As they would travel from one place to another with altruistic objectives, they lived on alms offered by people. Maxworth is the chief of these holy men.

Here’s what Maxworth says:

‘My son, for me all are equal; whether they’re rich or poor, rulers or ruled. When all these people can come to this peaceful place, why can’t your king?’

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