The Prince at Radon

Time started running. When Victorson was a year old, Samwel’s wife also gave birth to a baby girl. She was named Ginnie. Both the kids started growing together. They played together, they ate together, they prayed together, and they stayed together at the palace. If one of them would smile, the other would smile. But if one would cry, the other would sing:

Sky’s so high

River’s so deep

O my darling! Smile, smile, smile

And don’t you weep

Sky’s so high

River’s so deep…

Other people in Radon cited their friendship as an example.

Victorson – Prince of Radon

Victorson – Prince of Radon

All this was happening so fast that soon they entered their teens. Victorson was tall, stout, and handsome boy. He had a crop of long, curly hair and a quiet face that added to his elegance. He was brave and wise. In his strong physique, he had a kind heart – much like his father.

Ginnie was a matching beauty – drop-dead gorgeous with straight nose, smiling face, dark eyes, and pinkish complexion. She was tall enough to touch Victorson’s chin with her forehead. She looked like a nymph descended from the heaven. Both of them would wear edgy outfits that revealed their shapes effectively.

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