Attack on Radon

Circa 2065

Radon Planet

Goodhat, the monarch of Radon planet, was sitting alone in his spacious private chamber. His eyes were glued to a large glass pane – almost six-by-six feet – fixed on the wall facing the main entrance.

As he was frantically pressing a few thumbnail-sized buttons on the panel in front of him, the scenes on the pane were changing at a matching frequency along with the resonating thunders striking across the hall. The cries of people were getting lost in the sound of explosions.

Goodhat - the King of Radon

Goodhat – the King of Radon

The construction of the glass pane gave an impression that the events were happening live at the open space outside the window. However, it was not so. The Radon monarch was watching the gory incidents on a monitor attached to an artificially intelligent machine. The panel lights were flashing in different colors as the views on the gigantic monitor made Goodhat clench his fists with anger.

At last, Goodhat got to his feet and started pacing the floor, trying to work out a plan to combat the calamity. He thought: this monster – Donaldo – is again wreaking havoc.

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