Devil Comes Back

Donaldo – the desperado – kept wandering in the thick forests. He had lost his weapons as well as spacecraft in the battle with Goodhat’s joint forces. The days and days of hunger and fatigue had made him too frail to even walk properly.

His six-feet tall body looked like a skeleton. He developed big, sharp nails. His hair grew like wild bushes. He lost his cap, and his clothes were like pieces of rags hung on dry twigs. Yes, he was stinking like a dead pig.

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

As many days passed like this, he thought: Yunno, now Goodhat’s spies mightna be chasin’ me. They’d think I’m dead. But yunno I’m a scoundrel of the first order. I’ll take revenge. I must. I shouldn’t go back t’ my palace. They must be keepin’ an eye on it. Then where should I go? Where! Dunno…dunno…

He kept moving and moving till he heard the thumping of some drumbeats with shouts of people. What’s this…where am I…what’re they yellin’…should I go there…or should I run…

Zootaroo, hah-hah!Zootaroo, hah-hah!’ people were shouting, as Donaldo could hear them clearly.

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