Devil Faces the Saint

Donaldo stepped ahead and touched the ashram door to open it. ‘OHHHH – NOOOO,’ he let out a painful scream, as his whole body shuddered. He felt an electric shock that threw him back. The soldiers leaped to help him but couldn’t, as they didn’t know what had happened. He touched the door again. The effect was same. Then he touched the ropes and suffered the same shock.

A soldier asked him, ‘What happened, O master?’

Donaldo told him that the entire ashram had an electrified fence, which they won’t be able to penetrate. But the soldiers couldn’t believe, as they could see only wooden door and ropes. But finally they had to believe when a soldier also experienced the same shock.

Maxworth – The Saint

Maxworth – The Saint

As they were standing puzzled, saint Maxworth saw them. He sent one of his fellows to open the door and let them in. As Donaldo and others were watching, that man simply opened the door and invited them in. That added to their already mounting confusion.

Donaldo thought, why this man didn’t experience that shock? It’s just amazing. But whatever it’s, the saint seems to be too mystical with hidden powers. I must not enter into any kind of unnecessary confrontation with him. Perhaps, Zootaroo was right.

His thoughts were interrupted with a soft voice: ‘How are you my son? How can I help you?’ It was saint Maxworth.

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