Entering the Sand Planet

When Victorson, Ginnie, and Robojit descended on the unknown land, they noticed it was a huge, sprawling garden; full of green trees, lawns, and plants – greenery everywhere.

‘But I thought we were landing near the Sand Planet. There’s not a particle of sand around here. Rather, it’s just the opposite – green plants and trees. Is it the right place?’ It was Ginnie who expressed her doubt.

‘Can’t say. But the saint can’t be wrong. We’ll have to find out,’ Victorson replied, as Robojit was darting his eyes in all the directions.

They kept moving in one direction. After a while, they reached near a huge open area covered with soft grass. Ginnie got tempted to stroll on the grass, and she moved aside. Robojit followed her.

Protector at the Sand Planet

Protector at the Sand Planet

As she put her step on the grass, she let out a shrill shriek, and she was gone. Robojit leaped behind her. But he also disappeared.

With his right hand stretched out, Victorson tried to follow them, but he controlled his feet quickly. He shouted loudly: GINNIEEEE…ROBOJITVVV… There was no response. He looked at the spot where they had disappeared. But there was soft grass only – quiet and still, as if nothing had happened.

Victorson cried again: GINNIEEEE…ROBOJITVVV… Again there was no response. Where have they gone? What should I do? How can they –

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