Longing for a Child

Goodhatbecame the supreme monarch of the entire region with his kingdom sprawling in all directions. It was believed of his vast empire that even a quick horse would run hundred days at a stretch in any direction, but won’t be able to touch Radon borders. It was prosperity all through as people from different planets started living under Goodhat’s able governance.

As the king was treating his subjects like his own children, a certain worry was perpetually disturbing him. He didn’t have any child of his own. As he crossed fifty years, he started feeling too old. His disturbance from this childlessness was mounting all the time.

Samwel – Counselor at Radon

Samwel – Counselor at Radon

One day, he called his most-trusted and wise counselor to share his grief with him and seek the latter’s advice. His name was Samwel.

‘O dear Samwel, my friend! My heart starts sinking when I think of my emptiness. Despite all my efforts, I couldn’t give a child in my queen’s lap during all these years,’ Goodhat lamented. ‘Can you please suggest me a remedy?’

Samwel was already aware of this fact. He was obviously shocked and speechless watching Goodhat in a luckless state.

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