Donaldo belonged to a distant, little-known planet named Tapori. He’s the main villain in the story. His single biggest ambition was to rule the entire galaxy or at least the planets he knew. He was leaving no stone unturned to chase his weird dream. That was the reason he would attack different planets without any provocation.

Some of them had already succumbed under his pressure, and preferred to become part of his expanding regime rather than get destroyed. But others were determined to stand up against him.

Radon was one of them.

Here’s what Donaldo says:

‘So you’re not goin’ to help me avenge my defeat? Have yo’ forgotten all that I did for yo’? Have you forgotten that I helped yo’ avert that coup attempt against yo’? Have you forgotten how I rescued yo’ from the clutches of your enemies? Have yo’ forgotten how I helped yo’ with money and other things when your empire was in trouble? Have yo’ – have yo’ forgotten all that?’

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