Mystery of the Eternal Torch

As they were still struggling to find an answer to the question: will-she-won’t-she, Ginnie heard herself shouting: ‘MAAA…’ There was no response. She did that again. No response.

‘What’s the matter? Doesn’t she want to meet us or am I not loud enough?’ Ginnie was surprised.

‘Let me try,’ Victorson said. ‘Ma,’ he called softly with a little compassion in his voice.

‘Come my children. I’m waiting for you.’ The reply came from the other side.

Ma - Mother of the Forest

Ma – Mother of the Forest

‘How come she’s waiting for us? Does she already know that we’re going to meet her?’ Ginnie was surprised again.

‘Come my children. I’m here,’ Ma called again.

‘You’ve to take a risk. I’m not too sure why the hermit was not permitted to enter the temple or why he couldn’t bring the torch. He’s also not in a position to recollect all that happened to him. So you’ll have to do it on your own,’ Ma said.

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