On the March

His huge body was trembling with fear when the giant protector was coming to meet his king, Fathorn.

I knew these people would create trouble for me. I knew they’d get that girl released. I knew they’d be unstoppable. I shouldn’t have allowed Victorson in. But – but he’s a good guy. The other one, that robot, must be wreaking havoc. I knew it – I knew it when he shattered the cell wall in which he was imprisoned. Now I’d be hanged. I should be ready for the gallows.

Worried, the giant rubbed his neck with his hand.

Fathorn – King of Sand Planet

Fathorn – King of Sand Planet

Fathorn was short in his stature and had same features as those of the other inhabitants of the Sand Planet. He had a crown on his head and was wearing a long, black robe. With his short steps, he was pacing the floor of his court when the protector came to meet him.

Without any preamble, he yelled at him, ‘Where are those intruders?’

‘Lord! How do I know that?’

‘You’re the protector, the guard who is supposed to protect us in the planet. Aren’t you?’

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