Onto the Battlefield

‘Friend, d’you think we’re strong enough now?’ Donaldo wanted to be sure, as he asked Zootaroo.

‘Yeah, we’ve done our bit. I’ve gathered sufficient information about Goodhat’s strengths. We should be able t’ match all of them. However, I want t’ reiterate that it’d really be difficult for us t’ penetrate the strong walls of his defense that are founded on love, compassion, and truth,’ Zootaroo said.

‘Let’s see. I don’t think we should be scared of all that,’ Donaldo tried to be complacent.

‘Yeah, I know…’

‘So when can we launch our attack against Goodhat?’

Zootaroo – A Villain

Zootaroo – A Villain

‘Lemme think of some auspicious moment. First, I’d go t’ the temple t’ seek the Goddess’ blessings,’ Zootaroo said and moved toward the temple.

‘O ma! I know I’m being dragged into this unnecessary battle. I’m reluctant t’ be a party in this avoidable bloodshed. I know this war is being waged by the bad against the good, and I’m on the wrong side of it. Still, I want t’ be sincere t’ my friend Donaldo. Give me ample strength, ample power t’ fight with valor,’ saying this, Zootaroo touched the feet of the Goddess’ statue with his forehead to show his devotion for the Goddess, who was quiet.

Then Zootaroo got to his feet and left the temple.

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