Robojit and the Sand Planet – Episode 4

Robojit and the Sand Planet

Robojit and the Sand Planet

Robojit and the Sand Planet – Episode 4


Longing for a Child

Goodhat became the supreme monarch of the entire region with his kingdom sprawling in all directions. It was believed of his vast empire that even if a supersonic spaceship were to fly a hundred days at a stretch in any direction, it wouldn’t be able to touch the Radon Kingdom’s periphery.

It was prosperity all through as people from different planets started living under Goodhat’s able governance. However, despite the king treating his subjects like his own children, a certain worry was perpetually disturbing him.

He didn’t have any child of his own. As he crossed fifty years, he started feeling too old. The disturbance from this childlessness was mounting all the time.

One day, Goodhat called his most-trusted and wise counselor to share his grief with him and seek the latter’s advice. His name was Samwel. He was a short man who almost looked like a midget in front of Goodhat. His hair had vanished long back and now only two curls were hanging on his head, above each of his ears.

He had thin mustache on either side of his upper lip and a very small pointed beard that covered only a part of his chin. He wore a long neck-to-feet robe that swirled around his legs as he walked.

‘O dear Samwel, my friend! My heart starts sinking when I think of my emptiness. Despite all our efforts, queen and I are still without a child after all these years,’ Goodhat lamented. ‘Can you please suggest me a remedy?’

Samwel was already aware of this fact. But listening to Goodhat’s woes from his own mouth and seeing him in such miserable state made the counselor speechless.

Goodhat went on with his lament: ‘O respected counselor! I’ve never troubled anyone throughout my life. Have always helped the poor and the needy. Have embraced the weak and the destitute. Have treated the people in my kingdom as my own brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters. But even after such kindness, why has God been so unkind to me? Tell me – tell me, Samwel.’

Samwel remained silent for a moment. ‘O mighty king, my guardian, I don’t have any instant solution to your problem because all this is decided with His will,’ Samwel pointed his hands upward.

‘If I don’t get a child before completing my journey in this mortal world and am consigned to flames, who’ll inherit this vast empire? Who’ll take care of the people on Radon and our friends in the neighboring areas? Who’ll protect them from invaders? And who’ll treat them like a father?’ To be continued…

Robojit and the Sand Planet
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