Robojit Story

Robojit Story

With a setting in the future, the Robojit and the Sand Planet story runs in three parts: affairs of a kingdom that’s presented as an imaginary planet, its conflicts with wicked forces, and a final mission that takes some of the characters to another remote planet.

It has a central character, Robojit, who helps the lead couple on the mission while overcoming numerous challenges during the voyage they undertake to achieve it. 

The highlight of the epic thriller Robojit and the Sand Planet is its ability to effectively blend technology, spiritualism, and humanism with a captivating fantasy in the backdrop. 

It is a work of fiction in the genre of adventure for young people. It targets children and young adults across the world. 

The story is highly entertaining, as it’s full of thrill, adventure, excitement, and timely use of humor.

Features of the Story:

  • Revolves around the central character, ROBOJIT – a humanoid – that will become extremely popular among consumers
  • Has a very hilarious lingo used by the main villains
  • Covers multiple terrains and locales such as surface, air, water, forests, temples, etc., besides a unique planet with peculiar inhabitants
  • Fight sequences use different types of weapons
  • Has curious, imaginative creatures
  • Innovative names have been given to characters

All parts of the storyline have completely original sequences.

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