Robojit Poised to Transform the Entertainment World

Rakesh Raman

Rakesh Raman

Today, the global entertainment markets are hanging on the cusp of a strange predicament. On one side, they are facing the challenge from information explosion; on the other, there is the fear of business implosion.

Even top entertainment companies in Hollywood are not able to deal with the challenges posed by the transitioning – rather fluid – market conditions.

While consumer behavior and preferences are changing very fast because of the surfeit of information delivery channels – including traditional, Web, mobile – entertainment companies are not able to keep pace with this rapid change. As a result, they are delivering what they have, not what and how consumers want.

If entertainment players want to survive in the changing business world, they need to overhaul the entire ecosystem – including the selection of projects, selection of content formats, content treatment, distribution channels, consumer engagement, revenue models, and so on.

It’s basically this business challenge that drives the Robojit and the Sand Planet project. It’s a great story, no doubt. But more importantly it’s a phenomenon in the entertainment world.

The Robojit project is going to be the harbinger of change – a positive, healthy change for all the stakeholders including production companies, artists, distributors, investors, and more importantly the worldwide consumers. How?

On these pages of the site, we will discuss the factors that make Robojit and the Sand Planet a great global entertainment project – a project that is ready to break the traditional business barriers and will usher in a totally fresh approach benefiting all connected with the entertainment world.

So, stay tuned.

Rakesh Raman

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