He won’t crawl on the wall and he won’t fly in the sky – because ROBOJIT is different and more powerful than others. Here he comes to meet you all.
RMN ENTERTAINMENT (the entertainment content arm of the RMN Company) Presents: Robojit and the Sand Planet – The Story of Future Universe. The project is inching forward slowly but steadily. It’s under massive development.
ROBOJIT story is for an integrated entertainment project including a movie, a digital video game, animation film, TV series, and a comic book.
Currently, ROBOJIT site is in the embryonic stage. Massive work is in progress to build it as an engaging Global Entertainment Project site including multiple content formats. However, you can still visit it and come back to see the progress.
[ Note: The visuals displayed in this website are only rough, indicative visuals. They may not be representing the true CHARACTERS of the story. I’m looking for the right artist who can join hands with me in this mammoth project and make the final visuals. ]

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