The Birth of Robojit

One day, when they were still working, they heard a voice – deep, hoarse voice: ‘H-E-L-L-O’.

Keep quiet, Victor. I’m trying to do something important. And, why are you making such clumsy noises, with this HELLO of yours?’ Ginnie shouted at Victorson.

Why are you yelling at me? I didn’t utter a word. What you think –’

I-T I-S M-E’. The same voice came again.

Robojit – The Superhero

Robojit – The Superhero

Yes, I know it’s you. But why are you bleating like a sick goat, I ask?’ Ginnie felt irritated, as she kept working with her full attention on the tools in her hands.

Goat – sick – me! Are you out of your head? I said I’m not making these utterances. I also heard it, but who’s – ’

L-O-O-K H-E-R-E’.

Both of them instantly darted their eyes in the direction from which the voice came. It was the metallic man they created. He was waving his hand to draw their attention.

Both the kids couldn’t believe their eyes and ears, as they gasped: ‘Oooh, exciting!’

They had succeeded. They had succeeded in their experiment. They had created a combination of a man and a machine – a robot, an android, rather a humanoid. He was able to talk and he was able to walk. They still continued their work to make him an intelligent man – an artificially intelligent man.

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