The Countdown at Radon

‘How’re you Goodhat?’ Donaldo asked, as he rapped on the door of Goodhat’s prison cell.

Goodhat managed to open his eyes with great difficulty. ‘Now what’s there? Are you ready to hang me,’ Goodhat asked in a soft, feeble voice. As he had completely lost track of time, he was not aware that still there were three days before the doomsday.

‘No, no. Don’t worry. The full-moon night is still three days away. Yunno, I’m a God-fearing man. Full-moon night is always good to do any auspicious task. Yo’ can enjoy y’r life for another three days, yunno,’ Donaldo remarked sarcastically with a mischievous grin.

‘Yes.’ Goodhat was brief because he didn’t want to argue.

‘But, yunno today I’ve come t’ make yo’ an offer. I can release yo’ even now if yo’ tell me about your son.’

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

‘I’ve nothing to say. You can go,’ Goodhat said.

‘No, but yo’ see -’

‘But why are you afraid of my son who’s not even around?’ Goodhat asked.

‘That’s the trouble. I want him around. I want to bring him here – with yo’, in this prison,’ Donaldo expressed his disturbance.

‘You dumb fellow! You think I’m a prisoner. Yes, I’m. But you’re a more embarrassed prisoner than me because you’re a prisoner of your own thoughts, your fear,’ Goodhat made him realize.

‘Yeah, you’re right to some extent,’ Donaldo admitted. He seemed extremely worried, as he slowly scratched his head.

‘You’re counting my days; I’m saying your days are numbered. Victor would definitely come back and throw you away in a pit which you deserved,’ Goodhat said.

That increased Donaldo’s already mounting fear.

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