The Daring Escape

‘Get down,’ the giant shouted. Victorson was so involved with his thoughts that he couldn’t realize that the carriage had come to a halt.

He got down. On his left, he saw a big row of glass cubicles closed from all the sides. Different creatures were locked in them. Some looked like men but had large wings on their bodies. Some were four-legged animals that Victorson had never seen before. Some of them had even two heads and four arms.

‘This is a prison. All these are prisoners who fell in the hidden river,’ the giant told Victorson. ‘These see-through walls are made up of a special element that can neither be broken nor burnt by ordinary means. You need a highly scientific process to do that. I’m regularly informed through the antenna atop my head if any of them tries to escape so that I could take necessary steps to avert that mischievous attempt.’

Giant Protector at the Sand Planet

Giant Protector at the Sand Planet

‘I see,’ Victorson was brief, as his eyes were searching for Robojit in one of those cells.

‘All this is so secure, we never had a case before when a captive could escape.’

‘Before – what d’you mean? Where’s Robojit?’ Victorson raised his eyebrows.

‘He has escaped.’

‘Whaaat!’ Victorson’s mouth was still open. Now he knew why the giant’s antenna was beeping when they were on their way. He knew that given the capabilities of Robojit, it was very difficult to keep him under arrest no matter how strong the cell walls were. He also knew that the giant had underestimated Robojit’s combating powers.

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