The Final Pursuit

The hanging temple was simply a piece of marvel that left Victorson and Ginnie agape. They’d not seen such a wonder before.

‘Dunno what’s so strange about this temple. It’s standing innocuously like any other temple. Dunno why people couldn’t enter here or how they got petrified,’ Ginnie expressed.

But it was Robojit who figured out a peculiarity in the temple.

‘NO DOOR,’ he said.

‘No door! What you mean by no door?’ Ginnie asked looking at the temple once again. ‘Oh, yeah. You’re right. There’s no door to the temple. How would we enter?’

Robojit – The Superhero

Robojit – The Superhero

Victorson was also puzzled. But the absence of door was not as astonishing as what they encountered next. They were standing about ten feet from the temple. As they took a couple of steps further, blistering flames rose from the ground on all sides of the temple. They’d have reduced Victorson and Ginnie to ashes had Robojit not moved swiftly to pull both of them back.

Watching carefully, they found that there was a thin boundary line carved out in the ground all around the temple. And the fire had erupted from it.

‘To find the door of the temple may be the next stage. First, we must try and cross this boundary. How do we do that?’ Victorson muttered.

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