The Reunion

As Victorson just closed his eyes, something hit the land just behind his head and the sand exploded a little. Smelling some danger, he quickly rose to his feet. Robojit also got alert.

They saw a sharp arrow jabbed into the ground. They looked skyward. A bird was hovering over their heads. It was as large as an aeroplane. But strangely, its wings were not fluttering.

As they were staring at it, the bird fired another arrow that again hit the ground right near their feet.

Robojit raised his hand to attack back, but Victorson asked him to wait, because he understood that these were just warning shots commanding them not to run. They were not intended to hit them.

Robojit – The Superhero

Robojit – The Superhero

The bird started descending – its size getting larger and larger as it was coming closer.

‘chi…gobits! ne…cal…su,’ the silence broke as one of the soldiers uttered.

Victorson didn’t understand a word of it. The language was new to him. He thought, but the giant was quite comfortable talking to him. Don’t they know his language? Then how would I communicate?

‘chiii…gobits! ne…cal…suuu,’ the soldier uttered again with more stress on his words.

Victorson didn’t get it again, but he could make out that this time there was more authority in his voice. As he was still thinking, he heard another similar utterance.

‘CHOOO…GOBITS! KE…OTTA…NOLE,’ the voice sounded familiar to Victorson. He looked back.

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