Toward the Hanging Temple

Victorson felt a sudden jolt in his stomach when he saw a lioness standing beside Ginnie. But before he could react, Ginnie got to her feet and ran toward him.

She explained the situation to all of them. First, Victorson and Ginnie tried to push the rock. They didn’t succeed. Monkey uncle also extended a helping hand. The rock stood still.

They looked at Robojit, who was watching them quietly. He came nearer and rotated his neck to see the rock from all sides – right, left, up, down. He stood there for a moment, thinking.

Robojit – The Superhero

Robojit – The Superhero

Then he decided to push it with both his hands. But even Robojit’s strength was too little to move the rock aside. All of them – including the lioness – looked helplessly at each other.

Robojit darted his eyes in the place around them. Then he climbed the rock and went behind the cave. Others were watching him surprisingly without asking him a word about what he was doing. He was not visible from the place where others were standing. A moment later…

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