Trouble in Radon

Now Donaldo was free to chase his evil dreams without any encumbrance. He had become the all-powerful self-styled monarch of Radon. Suppression had become order of the day. There was an uneasy calm everywhere, as not a soul dared to raise any voice against him.

But a certain scare always haunted him. He always got panicked thinking of Radon prince, Victorson.

I’ve heard he’s brave like his father. He’ll come t’ save his father. He must be preparing t’ stand against me. He’ll come t’ overthrow me. Now Zootaroo is also not there t’ help me. What should I do? I must plan t’ finish off Victorson. Tomorrow, I’d go and check about his whereabouts. I’ll – I’ve t’ –

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

Donaldo – The Cunning Baddie

Thinking all this, Donaldo went to his sleeping chamber. After some time, what he saw was horrific. It was totally dark inside his chamber. He saw a man standing at the doorway. He was brandishing a big sword in one of his hands and the other hand was holding a burning torch. In the light of torch, he saw the man’s face. He could recognize him.

‘Hey – hey – what’re yo’ doin’ man? Don’t kill me. I’ll release y’r father. I’ll release all of ’em. I’ll go back. I’ll run away. But – but – don’t kill me. You’re me friend, yunno,’ Donaldo was begging.

But he felt the pressure of the sword was increasing and it was about to pierce through his fat neck. He shuddered and let out a horrible scream, so loud that the birds sitting outside the ventilator of his room started fluttering in horror.

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