Trying Times

Soon, the day came. As Vilexi was ready to deliver, she was taken to a specially prepared room. Radon’s most expert midwives were beside her bed. There were other physicians waiting outside the room just in case they were required.

Even birds started chirping in melodious rhythms. Livestock jumped with joy. Flowers bloomed on wild plants. Everything seemed to be on the seventh heaven, as aromatic breeze filled the atmosphere with ecstasy…and gently whispered:

He’s our prince, he’s our prince
Who’d come with a glow on his face
Who’d come with a bagful of grace;
Who’d stay tender like an infant
Who’d have power of an elephant;
Who’d show us light in the dark
Who’d carry out Goodhat’s task;
He’s our prince, he’s our prince…

 People started expressing their hopes.

Vilexi – Queen of Radon

Vilexi – Queen of Radon

‘The child would be brave and wise like our king. Our next generations would be safe in his hands.’

‘He would have all the good traits of his father and mother.’

Like common people, the king and the queen were also equally curious to quickly see the newborn, as they had been waiting anxiously. While the queen was going through the child-delivery process, Goodhat was waiting for the news in his palace, with his fingers crossed.

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