Trapped in the Forest

The effect of insulation perfume had tapered down, as three of them had reached deep inside the forest. Because of the dense trees, Whopnut’s detection system didn’t have any effect there.

But there was another danger now; the danger from the wild animals. They were just moving in one direction with a single target in mind: the hanging temple.

But soon they heard the sound of gunshots at a distance behind them. Victorson took just a moment to realize the whole situation. The sound was getting louder.

Whopnut – Security Head of Sand Planet

Whopnut – Security Head of Sand Planet

‘We’ll have to hide somewhere,’ Victorson said.

‘What’s the matter?’ Ginnie asked, as she also heard the sound.

‘They’re chasing us.’

‘Who – you mean those soldiers?’

‘Yeah, they must be close. Let’s go up those trees and hide behind the big leaves.’

‘WE CAN FIGHT THEM OUT, VICTOR,’ Robojit was in a belligerent mood.

‘Yeah, Robojit is right,’ Ginnie supported him, as she pulled out her gun.

‘No – no, we should avoid any kind of fight. One, because we don’t want to indulge ourselves in violence. Two, that would delay us in our journey,’ Victorson suggested.

The others agreed. All of them slowly scrambled up the trees without making any kind of noise and covered themselves with leaves, which were large enough to give them a proper camouflage. They were still holding their guns just as a precautionary step.

And a moment later, there was big chopper hovering over the forest. Whopnut had not given up – partially because the king Fathorn had scolded him and partially because his own prestige was at stake.

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